Greetings YAFs!

As most of you are aware, at Sessions this past August, the YAF community approved the membership and mission of the Young Adult Friends Climate Working Group (YAFCWG), and approved a minute recognizing the severity of global climate change and committing to taking action to address the problem. YAFCWG, in turn, committed to take leadership on that action, and in that spirit, we have decided to set up a “YAF Climate Action” blog.

This blog will have an array of content. First, this will be your source for updates about what YAFCWG is doing and what the YAF community is doing (on the climate change issue). We will also include updates on important climate-related news, if there is any, an “advice” section on the practicalities of climate action and general question and answer, a section on spirituality and mental health relating to climate change, resources for direct action, and a section for good news relating to climate change.

The structure is somewhat fluid, and can be changed as needed, to accommodate the needs of the community – we’re here to serve you. To that end, we also ask all YAFs to feel free to contribute to this blog. Really, it belongs to all of us, so if people have thoughts, or questions, or art, or anything else for the community on this issue, please send them to Abe.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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