Action Resources

Action Resources

One of the best and easiest things you can do to improve your knowledge, your energy efficiency and reduce your carbon impact is to have an energy assessment on your home. An auditor will come to your apartment or house and go through everything to see how it’s working and alert you to the options they have available to them through the program to improve the efficiency of where you live.

While I don’t know about other states, assessments for residents of Massachusetts should be ‘no-cost’ (at least for National Grid and NStar customers). By no cost, I mean that there is no upfront payment required by you for your assessment. Instead, each month on your electric/gas bill, part of it will be dedicated to funding these assessments.

So the original assessment is no upfront cost to you. What about potential work that the auditor tells you could be done on your living space? Well, as I said, I know exactly nothing about how the programs in other states work, but in Massachusetts for National Grid and NStar customers, these two utilities cover 75% (I think that’s the correct number) of the cost up to $2000. After that, it will be up to you. There are other financing options/loans available to you that are good deals.

IF YOU ARE A BOSTON RESIDENT: There is, possibly, additional funding available to you through a program called Renew Boston. This adds $1500 in available funds for work done on your home. Many of the forms I have seen come across my desk show that anyone in the Renew Boston program have to pay exactly nothing for the work done on their homes. I know my company does Renew Boston work and I’m not sure any other company does.

For the record, I work at an energy efficiency auditing company called Next Step Living.

If you live in Mass., and use NStar or National Grid AND live in a house (apartments in houses are great-but not apartment complexes), I’d really love it if you could go through my company. Of course, there are other options if you don’t want to!

Ok, so I’ve gabbed enough. Below is a listing of ways to get an assessment done on your house by state:

EITHER: Next Step Living (my company): 866 867 8729 or go to
OR: (Conservation Services Group is the main company that oversees assessments through a variety of small companies)

Rhode Island:
National Grid Customers:

Connecticut Light & Power Customers:
New Haven Residents:

New Hampshire (comprehensive list of offerings, by utility):

Vermont (Website that walks everyone through what can be done with their home):

Maine (Same as Vermont):


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